The Movie We Won't Be Watching

How many times have we saved a particular film on a watch-later list? And how much more have we neglected that same list and never brought ourselves to watch any one of them? As time goes by chance is that we never watch it. This movie in particular is in the same spirit but not out of wont.

The name of this flick is “100 Years” and shall be released in 2115. It was completed in 2015, however, its producers are reserving its viewing for future generations. The idea was given prominence after the film’s commissioner drew parallels with its flagship drink.

There is a particular spirit called “Louis XIII cognac” produced in France and named after the king of France who lived between 1601 and 1643. This cognac is famous the world over for its peculiar production process. It is considered fit for consumption after one hundred years. The batch produced in 2015 will be opened in 2115. The movie is expected to coincide.

Needless to say that people from the cinematic spectrum thought of this as a hoax or an elaborate joke. However, one year later was reported that distinguished guests received a metal invitation that is inherited until the film’s availability so many years later. To note that the actors themselves have not had a screening of the movie. They are aware only of the shots they acted in.

As for the film itself, there is only a single copy available and it is stored in a reinforced glass safe. Its opening mechanism is the first of its kind for there is no lock and key. It opens on an assigned date in year 2115.

Besides the mystery shrouded around this project, the producers released three trailers that are not part of the finished product. They are essentially teasers pointing towards one of three possible futures. One could be a post-apocalyptic future where the world will not be as we remember it. Another could see us in a very futuristic setting where cars have taken to the sky and space travel is cheap enough for the common person to make use of and lastly a future along the same lines as Star Wars. Many people speculate on the release of these seemingly unrelated teasers. Well, the intention is to generate interest, of course!

Thus, while we wait for 2115, which will not be in our lifetime, we can only hope that its genre is one we find appealing, otherwise, all the hype will be for nought!

This is the unreleased translation of an article published in the Maltese language on Siltiet Qosra on the 17th of February 2021.