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The 5th Annual MSEI Investor Education Conference

On the 6th of November, 2019, the 5th Annual Malta Stock Exchange Institute Investor Education Conference was held at the MSE’s premises. This was my second visit and attendance, the first being a “careers visit” way back in 2005, I believe. Suffice to say that the Financial Sector is not my career of choice and this very fact is what qualifies me to write the article. Because I am an investor at the doorstep of its vastness, I can write from the point of view of a fellow “uneducated”. In so doing, I also want to put like-minded readers into perspective that to penetrate this sector, if only to test the waters, sound knowledge on the subject and the advice of proficient fellows along with due diligence will, in the long run, lead to substantial earnings. May I take the time to point out that the information mentioned in this summary is not exhaustive. Many points have been omitted out of necessity for the scope of the article is to provide an overview of the conference as well as gener