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Checklist for a Safe Outdoors

Listening to this Maltese talk show, or rather, to this particular guest - Pierre Farrugia, inspired me to write a list of all the advice given for a safe session of trekking, kayaking and other outdoor sports or adventures. The key points mentioned are coupled with my experience at sea and knowledge of safety. So, without further ado, let us start with: Health Benefits Walking while breathing cleaner air helps to slim down and to revitalise the body. Outdoor adventures refresh our mind and helps us heal psychologically. Safety Tips Do your research! On the place to visit. On the specific clothing required to accomplish the activity successfully. On the equipment that would make this visit as pleasant and as problem-free as possible. Is the equipment of the right size?  Does it fit well? Does it compliment your body? Make sure you possess the right skills. Fit to walk extensive routes. Fit to scale rocks. Abseiling. Kayaking Can swim. Do not allow peer pressure to force you to, say, ju