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Kratos & Atreus against The Pantheons

God of War Ragnarok Speculation SPOILER WARNING I am a fan of this franchise despite an entire playtime of twenty minutes over a decade ago. A friend wanted to get rid of his PSP so he lent me the device with the game preinstalled. While I enjoyed the mechanics and such I did not find the device appealing and was not keen to purchase gaming stations for just this one franchise. Having said so, I was enthralled by the idea of a game featuring a pantheon-busting individual peppered with the usual tropes of betrayal and mockery. So years passed and YouTube played a crucial role in keeping me updated with the course of events of the god of war, Kratos. Eventually, he destroyed that of Greece and now he has vanquished the villain of Norse mythology except that fewer lives were extinguished as a direct consequence of his actions. On viewing the final scenes of God of War Ragnarok, which is the fifth and latest instalment of the franchise, my mind formulated the following idea. It is also my