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Uzumaki - My First Serious Interaction with Comics

I have always enjoyed a good book. If devoid of images the deeper my imagination reigns free. An inauguration of a store saw me purchase my first ever comic-format book. And this was not a decade and a half ago but just a measly month ago.  It is safe to assume that I always shunned books infested with coloured imagery, monochrome imagery, and the like, let alone a publication that conveys its message wholly through drawings save for the dialogue and some sounds, like the wooo  of the howling wind. Enter Junji Ito. I am a person who enjoys anime and Japanese storytelling. My generation and certainly the previous one have been exposed to such media in a mainstream fashion on television except for the darker content. Those have always been available in obscure message boards on the Internet. Thanks to streaming and online services, today the only barriers are content geo-blocking and funds for subscriptions. Alas, this Junji Ito became a familiarity when a normal Google search of "c