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Ivanhoe - A Goldie from My Past

The title says it all. I dug this novel from my childhood.  At the time I did not understand a quarter of the literature and language employed, mostly because olde English was used for the dialogues and also because the age was, at the time, tender to the point that the paragraphs looked like complicated mazes where to trace a route among all the spaces interlacing the text. And, the last sentence above, which is only the second in this article is also a critique of the wordage, syntax and structure used by Sir Walter Scott to entertain us mortal bookworms. Ironically, I neither understood the gist at the time of my initial read albeit something did register. I started writing very long and complicated sentences to which my English Language teacher at the Secondary school showed little to no  appreciation. This was reflected in their semester reports and meetings during the Parents' Day. "Your child is reading books unsuitable for his age." "These sentences are too


Mid-movie my wife declared that these are not the kind of movies you watch . To which I responded that at times watching other genres flushes the individual commonality that is reserved and constrained to the usual style of films I enjoy. This could be pure conjecture from another person's point of view. You would not expect a kid's movie to be so heart warming. I could easily see my wife and myself in certain scenes where characterial differences were so widely exposed, where we hit it off and when we could not, and on some expects still cannot, find common ground. So, I think that the kid or teenager watching this may enjoy the flashy adventure whereas more mature audiences could be gazing at a colourful mirror. And who said that men cannot jerk a tear? I know I did! So, in conclusion, it's a definite recommendation.